10 Things People With Chronic Illness Need to Know

People with chronic illness like fibromyalgia/MS are often in a doubtful situation for themselves. These are the hardest times for people with chronic illness and all they can do is follow the medical treatments. And they can follow natural ways of controlling the pain and making their life a little comfortable.

But don’t just stop there at the medical treatments and natural ways of treating this chronic illness. Look for ways in which you can treat yourself psychologically. Because science says that your brain is connected to your body in a way that it controls even your illness.

Suffering from this pain, women usually tend to think bad about themselves and they lose hope. Here, I will tell you 10 things that you should always keep in mind to make yourself peaceful.

1-    You are what you are

With the pain of chronic illness, you are unable to do all the things that you used to do before you got this illness. You feel so ill and because of that, you miss all the good moments with your family/friends. You are unable to enjoy with your kids, your spouse, your friends. But the truth is, you are not ill, you can still enjoy with your family and have good moments.

You may have changed because of the pain, you can do less than you used to do before. You can not give your 100% now, but, you are probably giving more now than you used to do as you were healthy. The people who love you will always understand that this is just a part of your life. And those who don’t, are not worth worrying about.

2-    Not a flake

People will think about you as flake, who’s always canceling on them and not making up to their plans. But you are not a flake, having plans with your friends is best thing. But, for your own sake, you can cancel them at any time. Your illness makes you go for some fresh air and be somewhere other than your house. But if your illness makes you stay at home and makes you cancel your plans, it’s totally okay. Your friends will surely understand.

3-    It’s not your fault

You are not responsible for this pain, although you have it, but it’s not your fault that you have it. You don’t own anyone anything or an apology for not doing your best. Because even with this pain, you are doing your best. You own yourself love and ecstasy.

4-    You don’t deserve the pain

You always try to mix and match and get superstitious about how you deserve this pain, well, you don’t. This illness is not a punishment or a result of something you did when you were young. And it is not a consequence of your past deed. You did not do anything wrong or anything to deserve this pain. It is just a phase and you need to be brave.

5-    There are some people who do care about you

With this chronic illness, It comes depression which tells you that no one cares about you. It makes you feel lonely and isolated. But, the truth is that no matter what conditions you’re in, there are people who do care about you. And they are with us morally but can’t be with us all the time. And they can’t be there unless you ask them to be with you.

If someone fails to come and be there for you, it is highly possible that they don’t care and you should not be bothered because of them. Because as it happens, they might have issues of their own. Or maybe they don’t want to see you suffer from the pain.

6-    Don’t make them understand you

You don’t have to make them understand that you are suffering from the pain. If they are close to you and they do care about you, they will understand. And they will always support you and be there for you. Because there are people who do their best to understand you and want to see you better and normal again.

It’s just, don’t ask, people who care will understand by themselves. It’s up to others to ask how you feel and understand you,. Don’t waste your energy and time in making those people understand and care about you who are not even ready to do so.

7-    You are not a failure

Sometimes you might fail in doing your work and other stuff, but that’s because of the illness you have. It’s not because you are a failure, its because you are just suffering from a miserable condition.

Starting on to a new path suddenly and leaving everything behind doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Instead, you are a success, you are able to adapt, you are resilient, and brave. You just didn’t stop trying.

8-    You are not unproductive or lazy

Just because you are not doing things that you should be doing, doesn’t make you lazy and unproductive. You convince yourself that when you’re not doing the things that you should be doing because you are lazy. If you feel that way, just have a look at your daily routine and see what you do all day despite of having this chronic illness. You will realize you are quite productive that even with this illness you are doing so much better than others. You should give yourself credit for it.

9-    Don’t fake it

You don’t want others to have sympathy on you or don’t have you invited to parties all the time by faking that you’re okay. Never lie about how you feel and you don’t have to fake smile everyone saying you’re okay. Cause inside, you are feeling so much pain and feel like screaming.

Be real with what is going on with you and what you are feeling. Show the world your true self. And share your feeling faithfully with those who love you and care about you. Because they deserve to know what you are going through in order to understand you properly. And, help you through the difficult times.

10-  Not an outsider

Suffering from this chronic illness, you rather feel like you are living outside of the world instead of in it. You lock yourself out from the world. Your friends, your family for a long time that you start feeling you have never been with them. But, it is totally up to you, you can either stay away from everyone or rather be with them.

Because people who care about you will always be there with you and they won’t make you feel bad about yourself. There are times when you are unable to be there with them but that’s totally okay, they won’t mind. You should allow your self and your friends and family to be together all the time. So you don’t feel this void that you are an outsider.

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One thought on “10 Things People With Chronic Illness Need to Know

  1. Good list! Somehow chronic pain makes us feel guilty and that it’s all our fault. Definitely been the hardest part for me to overcome!

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