Facts about Fibromyalgia Fog

Everyone with fibromyalgia is familiar with Brain Fog. It’s a name when you have problem concentrating while doing a Job. Sometime you will even forget what you were doing. Brain fog will challenge you in many ways. Sometimes I even forget that I have to pick my children from school, Or i have to pay bills or did i take medicine or not.

I Personally thank fibromyalgia for making my life such miserable. With Brain Fog, I am even unable to do my daily job or remember my day to day responsibilities. My family can’t trust me in remembering something.

I miss my old life when I was a healthy person with a sharp memory. I never missed any doctor or parent/teacher appointments, never late to work but NOW everything is just upside down. I need to write everything down from appointments to birthdays. See How quickly fibromyalgia changes your life.

Yesterday I bumped into one of my close friend. We were in college together. It took me almost 2 minutes to remember who she is and what her name was. The other very annoying thing about brain fog is how I can remember all the lyrics from a 90’s song and can’t remember what I had in lunch today. Isn,t this frustrating?

I had fibromyalgia before I was married. My Husband was very supportive. After marriage when we have kids, its a whole different story. I mean you can’t imagine how difficult it is to live with fibromyalgia and children.

Initially, after the birth of my first child Tracy, It feels like I am going to die very soon. You know how much you need to care for a baby in the first 2-3 years with all the feeding and caring, and with fibromyalgia going on its a Colossal Job. Well, my husband supported me very much and now today our daughter is 5 years old.

I usually go to the doctor to discuss how I can put up with brain fog and all the other fibro symptoms. My doctor told me that brain fog can occur with fibromyalgia, but it is usually mild and not progressive. Well I can Only say that it not Mild at all. The word fog seems innocent but while in it, you will feel like you are in living hell.

Life has changed a lot now. I have to cross check my calendar whether I have an appointment today or whether I miss an important event today. Always worried that I must have not overlooked something important.

Another Important thing about fibro fog is that it will stop you from thinking progressively. Sometimes I know what I want to say, I just cannot put words to convey my meaning, Or sometimes I have to even change my words because I forgot what to say.

Brain fog will always have me in uncertainty and surely this will happen to you as well. Usually while driving i always try to make myself active because brain fog can strike anywhere and it will cost a lot if I lost a bit of concentration while driving.

I know I am not alone as many other fibro sufferers go through daily with brain fog or memory loss.

The good thing about fibro fog is that it is not present all the time. First, it will strike you gradually, You will feel memory fog or loss but after some time you will feel better. Your memory will come back like a cold breeze in the hot summer and it will make you feel good. I am thankful to GOD that my brain is still functional, its just fog which is causing difficulties.

Fibromyalgia Does not come alone, It brings a variety of many other illnesses or symptoms which actually make your life miserable. It really takes a huge amount of energy to put up the fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

Just to be sure, Talk to your doctor about brain fog in order to rule out anything else. But Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS AND WE ALL ARE IN THIS. Have a good day Warriors !

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4 thoughts on “Facts about Fibromyalgia Fog

  1. You said you have to write everything down. I put it on my computer and my cell phone. My phone will always remind me. If I write it down or only put it on my computer I will forget to look. You said “The word fog seems innocent” Fog can be mild enough that you can see a block away, or it can be so thick you can’t see 2 feet away. I think fibro fog is a good name for what happens to us. It can be mild like forgetting something not very important, and as bad enough that when driving you can’t remember where you are going or how to get there.

  2. I hate fibro fog I’m 47 and and have to right everything down or I will forget I can’t learn like I used to it takes me longer to do stuff.

  3. My fibro fig never comes and goes it’s permanent so if yours does then please count yourself lucky because for me life is a living hell

  4. Yes I also have Fibromyalgia Brian Fog, I really dislike it forgetting a lot of everything is the worst thing ever I dislike this Fibromyalgia my life is going down hill but I am trying to do my best and keep praying..

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