How to Combat Sciatic Pain in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia patients as well as normal people, complaint about the continuous pain in the upper leg portion. The pain usually starts from the lower portion of the spinal cord and travels through the lower leg portion or in buttocks.

In some patient’s, pain travel into lower legs while in some patients, it will settle down in the buttock after a time. Sometimes in fibromyalgia patients, it is quite impossible or difficult to identify the exact location of the pain. Buttock pain is not just due to the age factor, now anyone can be affected with this. Especially people suffering from fibromyalgia have to pay attention to treat it righteously. There is a number of treatments and therapies available that are really helpful to slow down the symptoms or even treat well this pain.

Causes of Sciatic pain in fibromyalgia patients

It is experienced and reported that people suffered from fibromyalgia also suffer from severe sciatic pain. This situation goes worse day by day for the patients of fibromyalgia. It is a general observation that people who are suffering from fibromyalgia can easily be affected by muscle damage. Their body is exposed and pain sensitive, so they need extra care and has to focus on their activities.

There are multiple causes that can be behind the buttock pain in fibro patients.

Long-time sitting

It is been observed that people who have to work for a long time, sitting on a chair may experience buttock pain more frequently. Normally people who have to do work in an office for almost 8 to 9 hours a day, suffer from strain in the lower body. The strain persists for a longer period of time and correlates with the symptoms of fibromyalgia if goes complicated.

Long-time walking or standing

For the patients of fibromyalgia, it is necessary to do a walk that is necessary for mobility. But too much walking without considering the rest can lead a strain or severe pain in the buttocks that can go worse.

It happens with the people who use to stand for the longer period of time at one place or walk for a longer time and keep their body in the up right position, by ignoring the brain signals to give the lower leg or hip muscle rest.

Imbalance posture

Buttock pain can be caused in fibro patients with wrong or imbalance sitting posture. At the workplace or in-office sometimes people do not care about their sitting posture. This causes strain and pressure on lower muscles which leads to cause pain in the muscles. The pain may go worse if not treated well.

Rather than these reasons, there are multiple other reasons that can cause buttock pain in fibro patients. According to a study, buttock pain is observed more in females than males.

Sciatic pain and its effects on fibromyalgia patients

Buttock pain can be severe and even unbearable for fibromyalgia patients. Most of times the pain travel from hips to lower legs and affect the mobility. People may feel difficulty in moving or even more uncomfortable to explain it to others.

Health specialists recommend complete bed rest to get relief from the pain, it may take days or week to get rid. People even not able to perform their daily tasks and face difficulty to do their daily task or work. People who have to sit for a long time on a chair to do work, or has to stand or walk for a longer time may face this problem. If the strain in buttock persists for a longer period of time, then it will cause a critical problem. People who are suffering from the issue even feel muscle stiffness or painfulness when they get up in the morning.

How to treat the buttock pain in Fibromyalgia patients?

No matter the problem is big or a small, treatment and in-time solution are necessary. Fibro patients, most of times rely on the medicines, pain killers and other treatments to treat and get rid of buttock pain. But it is true that pain killers may have side effects that can effects fibromyalgia patients badly. Health specialists recommend some other remedies to treat this issue that may be regular exercise, yoga, massage therapies, Heating Pad, Magnesium Bath or Creams/Bams.


Exercise is considered one of the best treatment to treat muscle strain and stiffness. It helps a lot to improve mobility as well as lead the blood flow in the whole body. According to health personal, almost 30 minutes’ regular exercise is recommended to treat the pain and muscle stiffness.


Yoga is another effective way to get rid of pain, muscle stiffness and to improve mobility. It is an ancient technique that not only helps to improve the blood flow, as well as helps to streamline body posture as well. Regular yoga put good effects on fibro patients body and mind.


Massage is an effective and good remedy for fibromyalgia patients. Experts treat patients by putting pressure on the pressure points that work effectively to overcome the pain and improve the blood flow and keep the energy level up. It is not only to relief buttock pain but also helps a lot to overcome pain in other body parts as well.

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