Fibromyalgia and Shoulder Pain

Usually, people who use to work hard and involve in physical exertion, experience pain in different body parts. Shoulder pain is one of the most common, that usually starts in shoulder bone or tissues due to carry out heavyweights and physical training as well. Sometimes pain comes and after taking medication or a rest goes off, sometimes few people complain to have continuous or persistent shoulder pain. The very obvious question that comes in people’s mind is that maybe this pain is due to Fibromyalgia, or maybe there is a relationship between shoulder pain and fibromyalgia.

To resolve this issue, to get a proper answer to this question, it is important to learn about the causes behind shoulder pain and how it relates to fibromyalgia.

Reason for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder muscles are one that involves in movements like if a person lifts the weight, move arms and do different activities by using hand and arms, shoulder muscle always engage in movement. Bones are surrounded with muscles and they are held together with tendons. During the movement these muscles and tendons make movement easy and comfortable. People may experience inflammation or damage in tendons, sometimes an infection, muscle strain, bone damage or breakdown or tendons and arthritis can cause the shoulder pain.

The pain in the shoulder can be due to any damage or injury happen in tendons or sometimes due to tissue damage take place due to physical exertion. A person who is engaged in physical activity like exercise, sports or any kind of work involves efforts can experience pain in the shoulder. It happens due to misbalance posture, or due to unwanted strain in tissues or muscle.

Arthritis and Shoulder Pain

One of the major reason behind the continuous pain in the shoulder can be arthritis. In this, a person faces stiffness in joints, difficulty in movement and sometimes swelling in the specific part of the body. Arthritis can affect any part of the body or even the shoulder as well. There are multiple types of this disease and a person who is suffering from this, face continuous and persistent pain.


A physical injury or damage of bone-like fracture or tendons damage can be the reason for continuous shoulder pain and discomfort.

So here we can say that not only the fibromyalgia is the reason behind the shoulder pain there are multiple of other factors that can cause this discomfort. Necessary thing is to find out the exact reason if someone experience pain or persistent pain in shoulder bone or muscles.

Fibromyalgia and should pain

Fibromyalgia is still unknown in the medical industry and no one is so sure about its reasons and causes. We can just elaborate this in terms that a person may experience a continues muscle pain and fatigue. This health issue targets the major muscle groups of a body like a shoulder, chest, back, thighs, ribs, and neck, etc. with time the pain gets worse and even a person will not be able to move too much and face stiffness and swelling.

According to research, fibromyalgia affects the shoulder muscles as well, because a patient who is suffering from fibromyalgia should have to on go with diagnosis procedure. As per the health consultant’s fibromyalgia affect the 18 tender points of a person body, so if a person feels pain in 18 tender points then it is considered that he or she is suffering from fibromyalgia otherwise not. Some of the tender points are in shoulder muscles so there is a relationship between fibromyalgia and shoulder pain. But most importantly before assuming proper consultation and diagnosis is necessary.

How to know if the shoulder pain is due to fibromyalgia?

If a person is experiencing continuous pain in the shoulder, then the first thing is to find out the reason. If there is no injury, muscle strain, fracture or tissue damage, then a consultant will examine another way. Like if a person having the pain in the shoulder muscle tender points then it can be assuming the pain is due to fibromyalgia but if not then there may be any other cause of the pain but not the fibromyalgia.

Bottom line!

A patients of fibromyalgia experience continuous, unstoppable and unbearable pain in 18 different tender muscles of the whole body. This makes movement uncomfortable and even not possible. As per the studies, it is concluded that the reason for fibromyalgia is not defined yet. It may be a genetic disease that travels from generation to generation. Instead of men, the ratio of women is high those are affected with the fibromyalgia. Health consultants are doing continuous research to find out reasons and a way to treat such patients. Normally, pain killers, exercise and therapies are recommended to such patients, that makes movement easy and give relief for a certain time.

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