Fibromyalgia is Not All In Your Head, New Study Confirms

No Doubt, Fibromyalgia is one of the most unique diseases, Not only it’s unique but also mysterious because researchers are not able to found a proper cure or root cause of this. Most of the medical community has firm believe that fibromyalgia is caused by psychosomatic but there is no evidence yet. Recently a study has been carried out by a small pharmaceutical company whose initial report says that the root cause of Pain for fibromyalgia sufferers is Unique flow of Blood in the nerves.

The specialist from the company teamed up with Albany Medical College and found out that there is a Mysterious Neurovascular Structure. In Simple Words, Blood Flow to the nerves in the body of fibromyalgia patients is different than normal. Team of Specialists have strongly believed that this may be the ultimate cause of pain for fibromyalgia.

Dr. Frank L. Rice, President of Intidyn and Lead researcher of the study stated in a press conference that Fiber near our palms, hands or other parts are more sensitive because of the blood flow which actually causes you to feel more Pain than usual.

Blood vessel constriction can be controlled by nerves in the skin. Patients with Fibromyalgia have a variously abundant number of nerve endings surrounding a thoroughbred vessel underpass in the skin.

“This discovery provides touchable vestige of a fibromyalgia-specific pathology which can now be used for diagnosing the disease, and as a novel starting point for developing increasingly constructive therapeutics.”

Previously this Company also published a study in the journal “Pain” in which they discuss the case of a woman who has been born without special nerve ending. The medical community thought that without nerve ending woman won’t be able to feel touch or taste senses as these nerves are necessary for touch senses. The Woman turned out fine and continue her life. Later it is found out that she had the nerve ending near the fine capillary blood vessels in her skin. Dr. Rice Added that previously their team thought that nerve ending is for only blood regulation in our body at a subconscious level. This woman Clearly an example that nerve ends also contribute to our sense of touch and also PAIN.

Currently used drugs, made by Eli Lilly and Forest Labs, are serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI) that usually work on the brain. But, these drugs can also work on the nerve endings near blood vessels in the skin. “As we already know how these drugs work on molecules in the brain,” Dr. Philip J. Albrecht, Ph.D., added, “As we have solid evidence that similar molecules were involved in the functionality of nerve endings on the blood vessels. Therefore, we Realized that fibromyalgia might involve a pathology in that location.” As a result of the recent experiment demonstrate that they were correct.

Albany Medical College collected more than 50 skin samples of women suffering from fibromyalgia. The Team of researchers then thoroughly examined these skin Samples by Special Microscopic Technology. The team finds out that there was a rapid increase in the nerve endings at the site of blood vessels within the skin. These sites actually control the flow of oxygen blood between small blood vessels within the skin. They cause restriction of bridge area to allow the skin to radiate heat or keep heat inside the body while in cold.

“The glut sensory innervation may itself explain why fibromyalgia patients typically have expressly tender and painful hands. But, in addition, since the sensory fibers are responsible for opening the shunts, they would wilt particularly zippy under Extreme cold conditions, which are often very difficult to bother for fibromyalgia patients,” said Albrecht.

One more important thing about these shunts is that they not only regulate the heat in our body but also block the blood flow to the muscles within the tissue.
Dr. Rice added that in addition to temperature regulation, A large amount of blood goes to our hands and feet. This increased blood flow towards hands and feet are more than essentially needed for metabolism. “As such, the hands and the feet act as a reservoir from which thoroughbred spritz can be diverted to other tissues of the body, such as muscles when we uncork to exercise. Therefore, the pathology discovered among these shunts in the hands could be interfering with a thoroughbred spritz to the muscles throughout the body. This mismanaged thoroughbred spritz could be the source of muscular pain and achiness and the sense of fatigue which is thought to be due to a build-up of lactic wounding and low levels of inflammation fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain.” The hyperactivity in the smart-ass may worth for the insomnia many patients with the condition experience.

With Time we will find the cure for fibromyalgia. This Study Shows that Pain of fibromyalgia is not only in my head. I am not faking. This research is an answer to all the people who have been saying that fibromyalgia is a made up disease and there no physical Evidence for this. With time and More research, we will be able to further dig fibromyalgia and may be able to find the root cause of Pain and develop some good medicines for us sufferers.


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6 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia is Not All In Your Head, New Study Confirms

  1. I posted this on our support page and a couple of negative comments but some really positive ones too.
    I have been asked is there a link to research.
    If there is I’d love to see it to post as a follow up
    Thanks a million

    1. Hi Audrey. Kindly Check Official Website of “intidyn”. You will find study there. Also you can check “University of Albany” offical website for this research.

  2. I got pain head to toes. Waking up every morning in pain is very stressful. I am happy to know researchers are working on Fibromyalgia. Thankyou so much. Proper treatment for this condition will chage millions of people like me.

  3. Hi,
    I am a Phythotherapist and Nutrititionist and I got ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia after I graduated from college.
    I will tell you what helped me to survive these awful diseases since 1999.
    I am housebound, but most of the time I am free of pain and in good spirit. The reason that I can not be physical active is related to post exercice malaise related to ME/CFS,
    and I hope I will have enough time and luck to solce this problem, too.
    The problem with cold hands, cramps, pain, insufficient flow of blood can be adressed by Magnesium Malate, fish or borage oil, tart cherry capsules, warm meals, ginger and curcumin, non processed food, no cheap oils to fry, cooked food and some fruits, B12 vitamin, Robuvit oak wood extract, enzymes and the chinese herbal formula ‘Astragalus&Ginseng’.

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