How to Lose Weight With Fibromyalgia

By Dr. Ghazala Ishaq

Putting on weight is not always about bad food or poor eating habits. It’s sometimes because of the reactions and of medicines that cause issues. Mostly, people with Fibromyalgia are unable to take much care of their daily routine and put on so much weight. It seems difficult for them to cope up with the situation and get the things right at one point. Due to immense pain, they are unable to exercise or walk, much that led them to regular destruction. Then, loosing up weight is another challenge, but a little management can help to deal with the situation.

It is not an impossible thing for a person to lose weight with Fibromyalgia. It is time taking and a persistent procedure but with a continuous effort, one can have the best results. It is about you will get the right path and will follow up the things accordingly. Here are some tips on losing weight with Fibromyalgia.

Identify the issues

Before hitting hard to reduce weight you have to make sure to identify the issues you are having in the first place. While dealing with Fibromyalgia you can be caught up with a number of issues that can instigate your weight gain and will slow down the weight reduction procedure. You can hit up with the following issues in genuine:

Constant frustration – you are in continuous pain that makes you frustrated all the time that you don’t want to work or feel bad about everything around. This frustration leads you to lose interest in work, socialization, eating healthy and paying attention to your appearance.

Digging into isolation – the patient of Fibromyalgia wants to be isolated and do not want to have much of interaction by the people at large. As you do not want to accept any comments or suggestions due to frustration so you prefer to be in isolation. It appears to be a better exit for you.

Suffering through combined experiences – Fibromyalgia is the one health issues that do not come alone but have many other problems attached to it. You may have risk involved of suffering from any other issues like pre-diabetes or diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, insomnia or sleeping disorder, and hormonal changes as well. All these sufferings cause you to have unwanted feelings.

Make some real changes

Once you have a list of issues you are facing or going through there is a need to make some real changes in your routine. To deal with any health condition it is necessary to shift the things for better. There is always something in your routine that causes you to lead towards issues. You have to change them for better such as your overall lifestyle, eating habits, diet options, extracurricular activities, medications and more.

Cut down the processed food options

We are living in a fast zone where we prefer to have easy food options. It brings us the fast food and processed food. We will have some ready to eat snacks around with more calories, including fats and reduced fiber. Eventually, we will get more energy but unable to consume it properly. The major to do action is to cut down the processed and fast food from the daily meal.

Replace with healthy options

Once you have excluded the junk food items from the food, not you should have the healthy replacements. To feed up the belly you need to have food and snacks so make sure you will stock up the right things. It’s good to have fruits, vegetables and some other proper dietary options that help to make a real difference. By changing your snack time options you can make a real difference.

Hit hard on your fitness

If you wonder about how to lose weight with Fibromyalgia then you need to jump into the gym. Commonly for the patients, it’s not a good idea to have some exertions but in the end, it helps. You are not supposed to hit the gym hard but do hit the fitness hard. You need to maintain a specific health scale and get fit into it. Make sure you will do a little but continuous workout.

Have a little portion of courage, persistence, and patience

Losing weight with Fibromyalgia is not an easy job. It takes much time and effort but more than that you need courage, persistence, and patience. These three things are going to help you a lot. In the first place, you need the courage to get started with the mission of losing weight and start working on it. Then you need to remain constant with your routine with persistence and remain patient until getting the final results. All this can actually work for you to get out of trouble and have a healthy life.

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4 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight With Fibromyalgia

  1. I have fybromyalgia for many years
    And now also menopause, and I can’t seem to shift the weight
    I’ve been on a good balanced diet for over 6 months
    I drink lemon water in the morning
    I’m really fed up as feal so uncomfortable ?
    Hope everyone stays positive we will eventually
    Get to our goals we are warriors .

  2. Dear Elisa.please please don’t give up.i too suffer from destroyed my kids lives as. They were growing up because I was too tired and in pain after work to be a fun happy mom.then someone turned me onto a book called “yoga for arthritis”if you have one you probably have the other. I started doing simple stretches right in bed. Every morning and. Esp.ones for the three areas of the back. Don’t worry about the weight…you can deal with that after you get your pain under controls. Keep in touch.all my love Laurie (


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