Are Weighted Blankets helpful in Fibromyalgia?

Weighted blankets are getting very popular among people these days. People who are using these blanket say that it helps them to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Many sufferers are also using these blankets to reduce stress and anxiety. Many Studies also suggested that autistic children or children with sensory integration disorders are also potentially get helped to relax with weighted blankets. After all these claims, people with fibromyalgia start to explore whether weighted blankets can help them as well to get them good night sleep without pain. Here we have gathered some background information to see whether the weighted blankets can be helpful for fibromyalgia patients.

Life with Fibromyalgia is undoubtedly challenging. The aches and pains in the whole-body are disturbing and annoying for the person. Getting relieved from pain and finding comfort with the help of the right things is a difficult and long process. One of the many ways to get relief is medication, but it is not good enough usually by itself. A combination of therapies with multiple effects is required to get the goal.

Origin of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are quite common these days. You can find them in the bath and bed stores easily. They have been used for about twenty years now. It was a tool that was prescribed by therapists, practicing occupationally, to help children having sensory issues, autism disorders or anxiety. The weight of the blanket helps the child to keep calm. In the past, the weighted blankets were not easily available like now, the therapists usually made them for their patients or parents customizes one for the purpose. In the late 1990s, the first blanket for mass use was introduced and originally marketed for the children.

Weighted Blankets – The Science

It depends on you to believe in it or not but trust us, the weighted blankets are not just a trend but, it has a scientific backup to support the concept of comfort and calmness. The weight – as the name suggests, gives pressure due to its heaviness, which provides a relaxing effect.

In a study from a journal published in 2008, Occupational Therapy in Mental Health evaluated an experiment on 33 adults who rested for five minutes under the 30 pounds blanket. As a result, 33 percent of participants were got a greater drop in sweat, the measure of stress. Nineteen of them said they feel calmer when the blanket is on. Eight said they don’t feel any difference in them with or without the weighted blanket and only three out of thirty-three said that they felt more uneasy while having the blanket on.

It was a short study but it gives quite a promising result initially. As we can see that in the past years that people are buying these blankets more and more to ease their lives.

Weighted Blanket and Fibromyalgia: Can it will be helpful?

People having fibromyalgia usually suffers from anxiety and are more prone to insomnia. Weighted blankets can be helpful when it comes to comfort these issues. Many people felt relaxed and comfortable after using the weighted blankets, wrapped around them like a warm hug. In fibromyalgia, many patients cannot get enough sleep due to which their body suffers, and they feel worse pain or fibro flare. Having such a remedy to get a good night’s sleep can help a person to get enough rest for the body.

Another issue from which the fibromyalgia patients suffer greatly is anxiety. Anxiety can also be relieved with the help of weighted blankets. As we know, fibromyalgia is the most misunderstood condition among doctors. To get confirmation about it is not as easy as any other condition.

We also know about the pain in pressure points is common in fibromyalgia and feels like a needle in them when even air touches out. Do you think something putting more pressure on your pressure points can make this level of sensitivity worse? Well, this is not necessary, a weighted blanket may not affect the sensitivity of the pressure points, but it may help in soothing the overall pain.

Weighted Blankets – Choosing the Right Weight for Fibromyalgia

Weighted blankets are not comfortable or helpful for everyone. If you sweat during your sleep; it may cause you discomfort while being too hot for your body temperature. You don’t need to force it to yourself if you are not feeling comfortable by covering up yourself under the weighted blanket. It is not a kind of an issue where you need to have the tolerance to get the relief.

You need to know that weighted blankets have a variety of types concerning their weight and material. It is to be advised that a blanket needs to be proportionally heavier than your body weight. But you may find a lighter weight blanket more comfortable than that. Or maybe a plastic bead blanket suits you rather than of metal one. It depends on you and your state to find out the right material and right weight for your blanket.

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