Is Your Bra Causing You More Fibromyalgia Pain?

Fibromyalgia is known to be an extensively exhausting and painful condition. People suffering from this problem have to face issues related to their specific needs. Mostly females suffering from Fibromyalgia face a severe condition of Costochondritis. It refers to the extreme pain in ribs and chest that makes it difficult and sometimes even impossible to wear a bra. In such conditions, the only solution they have is to wear the right kind of bra. It helps them to have the cushion for the breast that helps then to make easy movements and socialize with people.

Costochondritis and Chest Pain

Costochondritis is an extended condition of Fibromyalgia that specifically hits the ribs and chest area. The connective tissue in the ribs get shrink and reduce their elasticity that leads to congestion in the area. The congestion leads to the soreness of the tissues and ultimately makes the condition fatal. The pain reaches to its maximum limit that is not bearable in normal condition and even gets worse sometimes. It is difficult for a Fibromyalgia Costochondritis female to wear a bra or even feel the pressure there.

Select the right type of bra

To move forward with the condition in life it is necessary to find the right solution. For Costochondritis there is a need for selecting the right type of bra that provides cushion and comfort at the same time. It is not difficult to find out the right aid if you know what you exactly need.

Start from the fabric

The very first thing you need to focus on is the type of fabric. It is something that makes it easy for you to get started with the right selection of the bra. Make sure you are going to pick up the smooth, soft and soothing fabric. More lightly, it is the better it is. The soft fabric helps you to avoid and hardness on the chest and keep the skin rash free. Any rough surface can cause tissues damage and will not be very helpful in handling the condition. In the state of Costochondritis, the tissues are extremely sensitive and can bleed or rash easily. Therefore, you need to make sure the fabric is comfortable and smooth for you to wear.

Pick up the right type

The next challenge for you is the selection of the right type of bra. You are available with a number of options in types. There are soft cups, sports bra, bralettes, and bra dunes. All of these have their own specifications and benefits that are helpful in making you feel comfortable and deal with the Costochondritis condition.

It is not recommended to pick up the thin-lined and plain surface bra, in fact, pick up the soft cup bra that will help you to enclose the bra from the front and it can help to avoid the pain of wearing it from the behind. Moreover, it keeps the breast in good shape avoiding any congestion or pressure on them so the person can have the best protection from the pain.

Sport bra

Generally, a sports bra is considered being a tough thing but in reality, it is a comfort. Available in multiple sizes it lets the breast to be in its shape and do not put so much of pressure. To keep the breast easy and comfortable with better support and protection. The extreme elasticity of the bra helps to provide cushion and avoid any further unease to the breast as well.


For the small size breasts, it is an ideal option that comes with a cushion and protection as well. It provides a good support but for the extreme conditions, it may not be very useful. Although it has soft fabric and made but it is not as good as the soft cup bra. For the patients with initial complaints of Costochondritis, it can be a good choice the rest needs to look for the other options.


These are an ideal option for the females looking for no wires or straps press against the skin. These are light on the skin surface and provide a comfortable feel overall. The grip is good to hold breast from any random movement but does not press the skin too much to make it hurt for the person.

Why females with Costochondritis should wear a bra?

It is a common question because when Costochondritis is a painful condition and bra can make it worse then why females are recommended to wear it after all. The answer is simple; it is not the bra but the wrong selection of the bra that cause issues with the Costochondritis condition. If the person is not wearing a good bra the random movement of the breast can cause more pain in general conditions. It is helpful to enclose the breasts in good quality and a compatible bra that helps the body to avoid pain.

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5 thoughts on “Is Your Bra Causing You More Fibromyalgia Pain?

  1. Oh, at 56 and with Fibro, I thank God for small breast! I could no longer wear a bra. It felt like someone had wrapped barbed wire around my rib cage and just kept tightening it through the day. I finally found a way to look like I was appropriately dressed without the pain! Amazon has Boao or Amilia spaghetti strap cami/tanks and cup liners. The tanks are 2 layers (not joined at the bottom) and are not long length. They come to well below my breasts, but not to my waist. I simply use a small safety pin ( available in a nice selection of small safety pins at (Dollar Tree stores) to secure the cup liners in place between the 2 layers of fabric, in this way the edges of the cup liner or the safety pin don’t irritated my skin. And VOILA! From the front I look like I have a bra on under my shirt! But, I don’t have the pain of the bra around my rib cage.

  2. Hi fibro warrios, I am so glad I’m not the only one suffering with this “bra” issue
    …I only wear sports bras at work & when I get home ( thank our dear Lord we stay on a farm) I walk without clothes because everything that touches my body hurts me….Don’t worry I don’t have any staff or kids just me and hubby, he is used to me walking naked (hehehehe) Keep on fighting a good fight we are strong and will get through this ?

  3. I am in search of non- wired bra with front closure. Sometime my shoulders are so frozen, that even the tube to is a struggle to put on. I found few on Amazon.

  4. Hi All. I’m a desperate Fibro worrier . I’m suffering more Pain now and being big busted, finding a none wired bra that’s comfy ,is a never ending search. Or when i have spotted one they are too expensive or not in my size. If anyone can help a Fibro Fighter I’m Desperate.

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