Morgan Freeman’s Says Marijuana is ‘Only Relief for Fibromyalgia’

Morgan Freeman on Marijuana

Recently morgan freeman was interviewed by Daily Beast. This interview was supposed to be on the topic of his recent movies. In this interview, Morgan Freeman discusses that marijuana helps him a lot in relieving chronic pain. He even mentioned that marijuana works better than most of the drugs in the market.

He added that marijuana has many useful uses which can be helpful in daily life. Fibromyalgia has very miserable chronic pain and the only thing providing me the relief from this miserable pain is marijuana. Oscar-Winning actor also added that his children have grand mal seizures. Marijuana is equally effective on his children as well.

Legend clearly says that marijuana should be legal in all states for medical purposes. We have a natural remedy available on earth and we keep banning it, despite giving it a chance for medical purposes. We need to use CBD oils in cooking and in daily life so we properly use this blessing. He also added that pharmaceuticals medicine have many side effects but marijuana has none.

Oscar-winning actor was asked by the interviewer that from where he gathers such energy or enthusiasm in order to make himself the breakout character of every movie, On which he chuckles and gives credit to “smoking a lot of marijuana”.

Pharma companies are trying to shut down legalizing efforts on medical marijuana so that they can run their business in silence and can earn millions. A man like Morgan freeman keeps fighting and trying to show the world that Medical Marijuana is a possible solution for fibromyalgia.

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