A letter from a Person having fibromyalgia to his Friends

Dear friends (old and New),

Today I just want to share my feelings of fighting with fibromyalgia. As many of you already know about what fibromyalgia actually is? Or if you don’t know then for a reference you can check it on the internet. Today, I want to tell everyone that from years I have been suffering from the constant pain that sometimes got severe or unbearable. I know very well that most of you are supportive and have sympathy for me but I want to share more about my condition so you guys will better understand what is fibromyalgia.

I am living with the multiple feelings that occasionally hit my body and brain so I act accordingly. Somedays I feel more energetic and want to do a lot more which includes playing, moving around the town, etc. other days I am not able to find enough strength to even go to the bathroom or wake up from the bed. At that moment, I just found that the strength may be due to the anti-inflammatory medication I used to take for pain relief.

So many times I happened to be in a situation where I want to do a lot more things but not being able to participate. Sometimes, I even found difficult to stand up and move and it gives me a sensation that my brain is not communicating with my body. At that time, I feel like a helpless person, it makes me cry, upset and depressed as well.

I used to take pain killers and have a prescribed anti-inflammatory medication as well, but sometimes they didn’t work. Sometimes I feel severe pain at my back, feel cramps in legs or in muscles, have a headache and a muscle strain that gets even worse with time. To deal with such kind of pain, I always carry out enough supply of pain relief medication. Here I want to share one more thing, sometimes I hear from my friends and family that I must have pain killer pills because I have fibromyalgia. Yes, I always have but remember that is not prescribed to share because the medication is to deal with severe pain and probably for you it’s too high in dosage.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects almost every body part and can be the cause of multiple other health complications as well. It is important to understand it is not just about pain. It can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, dizziness, chronic pain, irritability, etc. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are vast and these symptoms may come together or with intervals as well. But trust me when they come it makes things really uncomfortable.

If you are thinking that I am a middle-aged person that why I got into such a medical condition. Here I want to share with my friends that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 25. Now I am at 32, which means it is around seven years to fighting with this chronical medical state. Before that, I was a normal healthy person who is able to do things on his own. But one day I just got the pain in my back, with time it gets severe and not able to get rid of it. Initially, I was not in a state to even imagine that it is fibromyalgia.

After a long struggle of fighting with pain, taking pain killers and other measures, I decided to consult a doctor. The doctor suggests multiple tests, examinations, x-rays, etc. After analyzing my medical state closely it was drawn that these symptoms are nothing else but fibromyalgia. And from that day everything changed for me. It’s just like I want to get rid of fibromyalgia and not able to take it off. Now I am trying to live with this condition because I have to survive. Here I want to tell you that it is just not the fibromyalgia that I am dealing with. With this, I am looking into different other medical problems as well.

To deal and better understand fibromyalgia and its symptoms on a person’s life I just join a community where all the fibro patients share and be nice with each other. Because we all understand each other’s conditions that make it effective to work on it.

As we are friends we can understand each other in a better way. Because we have a lot in common like fibromyalgia. Now I feel much comfortable to share my fibromyalgia condition and my feelings as well while going through with this situation. I know that most of the information is not new to you, but I feel comfortable to share about.

I am very thankful that you spare time and patience to just read my letter and appreciate my efforts as well.


A Chronic Pain Fighter

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One thought on “A letter from a Person having fibromyalgia to his Friends

  1. I am in constant pain now struggle is my middle name fatigue is my only friend sometimes life is a major struggle

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