Fibromyalgia and Blepharitis

Alas. Fibromyalgia comes with an endless list of symptoms. You might think that fibromyalgia will not affect your eyes but sadly it does. You might start getting blurred vision, Even the slightest touch will hit you like a hammer. One of the most irritable symptoms for eyes is blepharitis and its very common.

With all these symptoms your eyes get damage over time which is a major concern for many sufferers. It necessary for a patient to take care of herself when symptoms start to appear. May get a good check of your eyes through a good doctor. Try using drops in eyes to lose the irritation. Now let’s discuss what is Blepharitis and what can we do to avoid it.

What actually is Blepharitis?

In Blepharitis, Inflammation is caused around the eyes which eventually causes your eyes to get messed up. Your eyes become more red than usual. You will feel more irritation and dryness in your eyes when fibers around eyes become inflamed. Your eyelids become swollen which will cause extreme sensory pain in your eyes. At the end of your eyes, You will see crusty residue accumulated and you will also get blurry vision.

If your condition gets more severe, You will also get the sensation like there is something in your eyes at all times. The most common cause of blepharitis is Infection. Bacteria starting accumulating under our eyelids which eventually act as a source for food for tiny mites. These mites start eating these bacteria and cause inflammation in our eyes.

These tiny mites are also responsible for giving a sensation of moving in our eyes. Many other conditions like Sjogren,s syndrome seems related to blepharitis as well. Due to our disturbed immune system, Our body is unable to find the source of inflammation in our body thus it cannot fight blepharitis. Irregular Immune system is caused by fibromyalgia and thus blepharitis is connected with fibromyalgia.

How is Blepharitis related to fibromyalgia?

As discussed before, It is obvious that fibromyalgia patients have a very irregular immune system which itself causes many complexities. The irregular autoimmune system not only causes Blepharitis but it also causes many other diseases / Symptoms like Sjogren’s and Psoriasis. Psoriasis is the main reason that mainly contributes to our eyes to swell up. Because of the irregular immune system, our body cannot identify what is causing inflammation in our body thus our body cannot fight against inflammation. Irregular Immune system not only provides significant energy to blepharitis but it also causes many other symptoms to grow up.

From the above discussion, It is clear that fibromyalgia causes irregular immune system which in turn causes Blepharitis and Sjogren Syndrome. Sjogren syndrome gradually removes water in your body and causes to generate bacteria in eyelids which actually causes mites to grow. From the above discussion, it is also clear that a single symptom can also lead to many other symptoms.

How can you treat Blepharitis?

Now the Main question is How to treat Blepharitis. My very first suggestion would be to see a good eye doctor. Discuss all the itchiness/irritation you are feeling in your eyes. Doctors usually suggest eyelid scrub which is most effective. Medicated wipes is also a possible option, By using medicated wipes you can remove the growing bacteria under your eyes which will cause mites to grow.

If the above treatments do not help then you can try electromechanical lid margin debridement. This is a specialized eye procedure in which doctors use specialized tools to remove bacteria and mites under your eyelids. Finally, medicated drops can also be prescribed which will also remove bacteria from eyelids. In order to stop bacteria from growing again, you should use medicated wipes/drops on a regulatr basis.

Proper hygiene is necessary for eyes to stop bacteria from growing back. Healthy eyelashes are the main component in the eyes to be healthy and meibomian glands play a vital role in order to keep eyelashes healthy. The Problem is that when meibomian glands get a blockage, they will leak excessive oil in the eye which actually creates an environment for bacteria to grow and destroys eyelashes.

In order to stop meibomian glands from blockage, you can use warm cloth wiping over your eyes. Try washing your eyes 2-3 times daily and make it a routine. If the symptom is severe, you can use a cotton swap with medicated eye drops to clean your eyes. Remember fibromyalgia warriors, if you want to get rid of blepharitis permanently then clean your eyes on a regualr basis. This will stop bacteria from growing. STAY STRONG WARRIORS!.

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7 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Blepharitis

  1. I have Fibro for several years, eye problems getting worse. But I have had lots of digestive problems that consultants can’t get to route of, after having several s c abs and tests, in constant pain, I do have ibs and diverculitis lost a lot of weight also, could Fibro be the cause

  2. I hate to admit this but I think I have this and I am no a hypochondriac. My eyes are crusty when I awake and itch they also get blurry. I thought I might have a case of pink eye and then this post caught my attention.
    My eye sight is getting worse. What kind of eye dr do u recommend?

  3. I hope I don’t have this my eyes are crusty in the morning and my vision keeps changing. My doctor said my eyes are better there must be something wrong with her eyes. I can’t see anything up close. Just the thought of some bug on my eyelids is making me sick. I hate fibromyalgia.

  4. I just got diagnosed with blepharitis (have had fibromyalgia for decades). I have an answer about make up. My eye doctor gave me the following instructions. Throw out all your current eye make up and buy brand new. For your mascara, buy disposable mascara wands. Each wand can only dip in mascara once. If you need to apply more, use a new wand. If you need to do the other eye, use a new wand. Same for eye shadow. Use Q tips. Only allow a Q tip to touch the shadow once. Need more, get another Q tip. Ready to do your other eye, use a new Q tip.

  5. Battling Fibromyalgia for three years. I followed all the medical advice,including¬†antidepressants¬†and pain pills.Nothing helped. I’m currently taking BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE(w ww. besthealthherbalcentre. com )FIBROMYALGIA HERBAL REMEDY. Also I bought an elliptical exerciser and the work on it is fun and it helps.

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