How Swearing Helps with Fibromyalgia Pain

Recently a new study has been conducted on how swearing can help with fibromyalgia pain. The Report of the study suggests that swearing actually helps in dealing with Pain. Weird Right?

Results of the Study

The whole experiment was published in NeuroReport. The Basic Layout of the whole experiment was how long a person can keep his/her hands in ice cold water. Some person was not allowed to swear and some were allowed to say swear.

70 volunteer person took part in this study, Both women and men. Persons who were allowed to swear were also given a chance to select their swear word and can repeat as many times as they want. It is found out that people swearing actually experience lesser pain. Participants swearing keep their hands in ice water, 42 seconds more than the other.

Common Response to Pain

Let start with an Example. Suppose I put my fist in a wall or I get hit by something accidentally If it hurts then my Common Response would be “F**K”. Everyone can agree with this. Swear word came out of the mouth like its a reflex. Researchers believe that although Swearing is not a very social idea but it actually helps in reducing or managing Pain.

Researchers are still unsure how swearing help deal with Pain. They have a general idea that it has to do something with our brain and emotion. Whenever we say a swear word, Our heart rate increases which actually causes our brain to give less attention to Pain which actually leads us to feel less Pain. Previous studies have shown that swearing is an evolved language which actually impacts the left hemisphere of our brain.

Fight or Flight Response

The team of Researchers strongly believes that amygdala is responsible for the Reaction in our which in turn reduces pain. Amygdala actually triggers the fight or flight response which increases our heart rate. Increase in this heart rate causes our brain to less focus on the pain. This theory is also backed up the study of the aforementioned which also concluded that heart rate increases while swearing.

This whole study clearly suggests that if you are suffering from fibromyalgia, You can use swearing in order to manage pain. Just a piece of advice, Don’t use those words which have a very strong meaning. If you use those words in front of others, that will cause a bad reputation. Also, try to come with your own idea of swear words, That will make it more interesting.

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