New Blood Test for Fibromyalgia Is 99% Accurate

Recently a new test has been launched for fibromyalgia patients. According to the test development team, The Most incredible thing about this test is that its accuracy rate is almost 99% and this test will not confuse results with other chronic illness like RA, MS, lupus or other chronic disorders.

This test is developed by a Biosearch company called EpicGenetics based in Santa Monica, CA. Bruce Gillis (Managing Director) and CEO of EpicGenetics have said that Right Now we have found a clear difference of pattern in RA and fibromyalgia patients immune system through this test which means that this test can clearly identify Fibromyalgia without being confusing fibro with RA and other chronic disorders.

EpicGenetics after successful testing, Launched this test in April. The results of this test are usually available within a week after the sample is taken. This test might be the revolution which many fibro patients been waiting for many years. This test will surely help in the early and proper diagnosis of FM.

Now let’s discuss how this test works. FM Test looks for protein molecules in the blood cells called chemokines and cytokines. These two types of blood cells are usually produced by White blood cells. Fibromyalgia patients have less number of chemokines and cytokines which eventually causes a weak immune system than a normal person.

The medical community has not yet accepted the test. They say that the same two blood cells can also be found in other chronic illness patients like RA which makes the test unreliable while the EpicGenetics claims that it will give 99% Accuracy.

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